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Pipe  & Hand Rolling

The Tobacco Range we offer has been carefully selected to ensure we have a flavour or strength to your taste

Tobacco History

First discovered by the native people of Mesoamerica and South America dating back to 1400's, Tobacco had already been popular there before being introduced to Europe and being sold on the market for medicinal use at first.

Hastings Pirates

The Buccaneers often shipped in Tobacco and other loot in the 16th - 18th century into Hastings Old Town and St Clements caves still remain, where the Barrels of goods would be hidden. 

The Pirates history remains a legacy in Hastings to date.

Our Tobacco Menu

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Pipe Tobacco

Loose Pipe

Loose Tobacco

Pipe Tobacco

Ashton Tobacco

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Pipe Tobacco

Peterson Tobacco

Peterson  50 gram tins

£16.65 Each

Whilst stock remains

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