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The Shop and About Us

Welcome in........

We opened back in November 2007 as a Sweet Shop and Tobacconist.

Eight years later we decided to expand and moved the Sweet Shop into the open space next door, however the sweet shop is no longer there!

The Tobacconist expanded to fill 15 George Street and we became aficionados and purveyors of the finest cigars, tobaccos and associated products.

We are a family-run business with a wealth of knowledge behind the counter!


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When chap came to visit

The Executive Gent


Meet the man behind the smoke - this is Chris.

Chris and his wife opened the shop back in 2007. Now they are proud that The Tobacconist and Cigar Merchant is one of the only Classic Tobacconists you'll find in the country.  Chris has a wealth of knowledge and picks only the finest products, You'll be able to find Cigars from around the world, in different flavours and strengths, along with the best hand made pipes.

Chris will always be happy to help you.....

Google Reviews

I discovered this incredible cigar shop whilst on a trip from Australia back to my old hometown of Hastings. Having visited cigar shops in Sydney, London, Budapest, Stockholm and many others I can confirm that this absolute gem is undoubtedly the best shop for cigars I have ever visited. An incredible selection, shown to you by true cigar aficionados - 

I returned to the store for more cigars to smoke (or to bring back to Australia with me). Beyond the great selection and knowledgeable staff, the store itself and its decor is like a wonderful step back in time that will be interesting to anyone with even just a passing interest in cigars. You really can’t go wrong with this cigar merchant...

 Next time I make the trip from Sydney to Hastings this shop will undoubtedly be one of my first priorities!

K.R  2019

Great Shop that has a lot of different cigars and pipes on offer. They sell elegant italian pipes. Fantastic customer service. Wonderful tobacco mixtures as well.

C.P  2019

This place is a true gem for the pipe fanatics out there. Nice selection of loose shop own blends. Can recommend the o'hara and aromatic rum. Tastes amazing all the way down the bowl. Very little moisture left. Which was a surprise for aromatics.


Very helpful, very knowledgeable and always seemed happy to chew the fat. Made me a regular customer. Even if its through the mail order they offer.

A.R  2019

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